Making collective decisions is not easy, and the larger the collective the more difficult.

But efficient collective decision-making processes are a huge public good. In the long run, everyone benefits.

They are, however, not a matter of course. They do not emerge automatically. Although some rather efficient procedures have such a long history that they are sometimes seen as being “naturally” given, all collective decision-making processes have to be introduced, and it is not a law that in any case the first procedure implemented is the best.

Larger collectives make for more individuals to be involved. And for more complex decisions, i.e. more options with more different aspects to be evaluated. Both problems have current solutions, but both solutions can be better. offers improved collective decisions-making processes using network-based collective decision making (NBCDM). NBCDM is a method for making collective decisions using web-based information and communication technologies (ICT) with the four characteristics counting, trusted actor deployment, storage, and retrieval:

Counting: Collective decisions by counting individual support NBCDM makes decisions by counting relative citizen support for options.

TAs: Option support distributions: Self-made or delegated to trusted actors Citizens may determine their option support distributions themselves, or they may trust actors (individuals or all kind of organizations, abbreviated as TAs, trusted actors) who openly provide option support distributions, and arguments for these.

Storage: Continuously stored support of trusted actors Support for TAs is stored electronically in a “voting account” which sends the one vote of every citizen to them in a deliberately fine-grained distribution.

Retrieval: Option support distributions: Derived, inspectable, adaptable For specific decisions, TAs provide option support rankings. They may refrain from doing so, if a decision does not relate to their trusted profile. If citizens do not bother at all about the decision, they are represented by their TAs who forward their support to options. Citizens can, however, inspect the support forwarded from TAs to options, form an own opinion, and either confirm, correct, or completely overwrite their TA-derived option support.

With these four aspects, NBCDM is able to improve all kind of mid- to large-scale collective decision making processes.

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