Boris Perisset brings expertise in visuals, campaigns and enterpreneurship to Wedecide

Boris Perisset
Boris Perisset brings broad expertise to Wedecide

Boris Perisset has agreed to support Wedecide as design co-founder.

Boris studied graphic design in Luzern and was owner and creative director of Feinheit AG, 2006-2015. To return from project acquisition and project management to more creative tasks, he redimensioned himself into Atelier Perisset in 2016 and started teaching at the F&F School Zurich in the same year. Over all these years, he has had a large number of political clients and supported some campaigns with his experience.

Together with friends, Boris has made some own attempts towards improving political processes. He sees the Wedecide model as an answer to the growing gap of influence between the digitalized global economy and the national political systems.

His experience both as a visual creator and as a process-oriented enterpreneur helps to make Wedecide become real.

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