Wedecide searches a mathematician

Wedecide searches a mathematician, the platform to engage civil society for making better collective decisions, searches a mathematician to help in the development of the project.

Good and legitimate collective decisions are necessary but nontrivial: The group structure that enabled representative democracy ceases to exist in Western societies and has never existed elsewhere. Our project is to implement the Wedecide-model with meta-decision freedom (everyone decides for every decisions whether to decide or to be represented) and actor-openness (trust in every actor can be used for representation or decision ease), based on an electronic deposit of trust.

Be our math genius!

While structure and math of the basic system are already described, many aspects and extensions still demand their formally precise description. Additional questions regarding the formal system design will become only apparent with precise description, opening the chance to participate in design decisions.

In close cooperation with the founders, you identity and comprehend these questions, describe them formally, identify design options and solve related puzzles. Jointly, we decide what can and shall be published, and publish the results.

Do you combine mathematical expertise, openness, and political interest?

We expect you to have a degree in mathematics or physics – if it is a mathy degree in an applied field as economics, that might be fine, too. If you apply, you are probably interested in making a difference in the world, and know that saving the world requires both sound technological ingenuity and the openness to change mindsets – both would be great. As always, being a great communicator is hugely helpful, but not at all required.

Make a difference in a non-proft startup!

If you are interested in making a difference in the world by supporting the development and implementation of a decision-making system that goes beyond the old partitioning logic of industrial society institutions, you are welcome to join us. In the unfunded phase just write down your hours – we’re find a solutions once being funded, that’s all we can currently guarantee.

The form of our co-operation will be agreed on, with many possible options including publication-oriented research, part-time work, cofoundership, or a mixture of all. The Wedecide-model is the way to achieve stable political institutions for 90 percent of the world population and to save the world (i.e. limit CO2 emissions as far as possible), so for a short moment open an inner window to glancing into the future: It is a life project that will allow for a decent income and, with some luck, a dinner place at the Nobel price ceremony. But quickly close again this inner window and be nice and decent, as there is much communication to do to approach this goalI

We look forward to hearing from you!