Enrico Tenaglia joined Wedecide as project manager

Enrico Tenaglia, Ph.D.
Enrico Tenaglia supports Wedecide as project manager

Enrico Tenaglia, Ph.D., has agreed to support Wedecide as co-founder for the area of project management.

Enrico studied biochemistry and molecular biosciences in Torino and in Madrid, with a research stay in Toronto and finally leaving the Spanish capital with a Ph.D. with honors. Since 2014, he is research scientist at the EPFL Laboratory of Life Science Electronics in Lausanne, and an experienced manager of complex research projects.

His interest in social sciences, politics and societal participation have brought Enrico to supporting Wedecide. At the moment, he explores the chances of using the Wedecide model for improving the representation, participation and responsibility of migrants in Swiss communities.