Collective decision making needs a maximum of security against alteration and breaches of privacy. This is the more necessary as civil democracy will be a threat to established routines of autocratic non- and pro-forma-democracies that would make shuttering the trust in civil democracy a victory for powerful people in many places of the world.

Decentralized technology

Our new way of decision making builds on decentralized technology.

We believe that our software should be built with a broader concept in mind than just a few lines of code on a single locked up server.

Reliability, Neutrality & Security

The Security of a decentralized system makes it less vulnerable to manipulation. Less control for the one in power of the System and more save against intruders. It makes software more reliable and more neutral.


To maintain a new way of decision-making model. Transparency is a crucial part of it.

So it will be an Open Source Framework